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(Solution Document) The most important weakness of the Articles of Confederation was A. its decision to give equal representation to each of the thirteen states. it...

The most important weakness of the Articles of Confederation was


A.     its decision to give equal representation to each of the thirteen states.

B.     it failed to deal with the issue of slavery.

C.     that it did not contain a bill of rights.

D.     its failure to grant the national government taxing authority.


Which one of the following was NOT an important element of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?


A.     It set a minimum population of 60,000 as a condition for statehood.

B.     It required that no fewer than three or more than five territories could be created.

C.     Slavery was prohibited in the Northwest Territory.

D.     It created specially reserved federal sections to fund public shools..


The most important delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were


A.     James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

B.     Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and William Paterson.

C.     George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

D.     James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and George Washington.

The plan proposed by William Paterson at the Constitutional Convention of 1787

A.     included an executive branch to manage the affairs of the national government.

B.     maintained the basic elements of the Articles of Confederation, but gave the national government the power to tax.

C.     eliminated property as a requirement for voting.

D.     divided powers between Upper and Lower Houses in a new Congress.

A member of the Antifederalists who opposed ratification of the Constitution of 1787 would have based his opposition on his belief that



A.     it failed to address the issue of slavery.

B.     it went beyond the original intent of the convention which was to revise not replace the Articles of Confederation.

C.     it failed to provide for a two-House Congress.

D.     the document lacked a Bill of Rights.


Followers of Alexander Hamilton during the Washington Administration believed that


A.     the central government must be pmoderately powerful and suportive of middle class interests.

B.     the nation should reflect the interests of the common men who comprised the overwhelming majority of the population.

C.     the nation needed a strong central government that recognized the importance of the elite.

D.     the nation's future lay in the development of agriculture.


With respect to Native American rights, the Constitution


A.     granted Native Americans the rights of all citizens of the U.S.

B.     said nothing about the question of Native American ownership of their lands.

C.     placed Native Americans in the same category as slaves with respect to individual rights.

D.     explicitly denied Native American the rights of citizenship.


Alexander Hamilton proposed funding his solutions to the nation's debt problems through


A.     an income tax.

B.     imposition of an excise tax on whiskey and a tariff on imports.

C.     the creation of a Bank of the United States.

D.     the sale of government lands in the West.


Standing in the way of Hamilton's proposal that the national government assume state debts was


A.     Madison and Jefferson's belief that the proposal unfairly rewarded financial speculators.

B.     Madison's assertion that the proposal was unconstitutional.

C.     the amount of debt to be assumed was much too large for the federal treasury to pay.

D.     the argument that states with small debt must pay taxes for states with much larger debt.

Hamilton's proposals for economic development tended to place the heaviest burdens on


A.     bankers and financiers.

B.     people of the North and East.

C.     elite land speculators.

D.     small farmers.

Political parties emerged in the early years of Washington's administration


A.     because Article V of the Constitution required their creation.

B.     as part of the legal requirements established by the Judiciary Act of 1789.

C.     because Washington encouraged their formation.

D.     because of disagreements concerning the economic and financial organization of the nation.


Which one of the following was NOT a characteristic of the new Republican Party of the 1790s?


A.     It was stronger in the South and West.

B.     It believed that too much urbanization and industrialization would not be good for the nation.

C.     It supported closer relations with Great Britain.

D.     It believed in the ideals of the French Revolution.


The primary purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts was to

A.     unify the nation in the face of the Quasi War with France.

B.     control immigration and increase respect for the presidency.

C.     find a solution for the problem of uncontrolled immigration to the United States.

D.     weaken the Republican Party and its leadership.


Despite their loss in the Election of 1800, Federalists maintained considerable influence because


A.     the Alien and Sedition Acts continued to limit the power of the Republican Party.

B.     John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were close friends.

C.     they continued to dominate Congress.

D.     they pushed through passage of the Judiciary Act of 1801.


Upon assuming the presidency in 1801, Jefferson differed with his predecessors Washington and Adams in his belief that


A.     the nation must undertake a policy of territorial expansion.

B.     John Marshall would be an excellent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

C.     the national government had become too large and expensive.

D.     the United States needed a stronger military.


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